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Biannual Newsletter - July 2018

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July brings the end of semester results and a chance to review how those sponsored by the BTP are getting along (all pictured here in the early days of the BTP).


Yusuf is making excellent progress with his degree in Education & History at Tumaini University in Dar. His end of semester results included an A grade for Counselling & Special Needs, a B+ grade for his Teaching Practice and B grades for Education Media & Technology and Education Measurement & Evaluation. Yusuf returned briefly to Mwanza to collect his Form VI certificate and to arrange his next teaching practice, at a secondary school in Mwanza.

Yusuf - now thriving at Tumaini University


Ngusa is working as a Teaching Assistant with nursery children in Mwanza while completing his Nursery Teaching qualification. His recent grades have included A grades for Classroom Philosophy and Classroom Management. He is due to complete his qualification by the end of the year and writes:

…the course is good, and the program is divided into three separate components. For each component, there is a set of curriculum manuals to study and corresponding written assignments to complete by specified dates. The program is very helpful, and I am getting experience on how to treat children in the classroom, how to provide them with some activities considering their interests.
Having previously expressed interest in being a footballer and a History teacher, Ngusa has now found a vocation he loves.

Ngusa - now completing his nursery teaching qualification


Sadicki is working towards his degree in Agriculture, Natural resources Economics and Business in Dar. His first semester results included A grades for Accounting and Natural Resources, and B+ grades for MicroEconomics, Agricultural Economics and Development Studies. He has now started his Entrepreneurship & Innovation module with the idea of being self-employed attractive. He has so far enjoyed trips to Mtwara and Tanga and has completed field study work in Bugurumi and at Azam Industries.

Sadicki - Tanzanian entrepreneur in the making


Mazera is working hard towards his degree in Medicine. He is currently completing rotations through different areas of medicine including surgery, internal medicine, paediatrics, radiology and obstetrics. He writes:

We are now dealing with Junior clerkship. This includes taking the patient's history about the disease. We do General and Physical examinations and then we write down the provisional diagnosis, investigation and management of the disease.

Mazera - the future of Tanzanian medicine

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the BTP. Every donation goes straight to helping the sponsored students with no funds spent on administration or other expenses. Particular thanks go to those making monthly donations which all add up to fund the courses.

Ed Beavington

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