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Biannual Newsletter - January 2018

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2017 was another busy year for the BTP and 2018 promises plenty more to look forward to. This newsletter provides an opportunity for those being sponsored to provide updates on their achievements and aspirations.


Steven is due to complete his Form VI studies in May and is thinking hard about the future. This recent letter provides a glimpse into his study programme:

My school timetable keeps us busy in school. The timetable is different from other schools whereby we do go to school the whole week, I mean Monday to Sunday. We study normal day hours from 6:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening, followed by extra classes and night studies until 9:30pm were we return home.


Ngusa completed his Form VI studies in Mwanza in May and has since been working as a teaching assistant in a local school. He has loved his work at the school and now wants to become a nursery school teacher, which is not something he had previously considered. He is due to start his one-year training course in January before gaining full employment as a nursery teacher.


Yuseph is working towards his degree in Education and History in Dar. His 2017 Semester Two results are listed below and highlight a strong grade average.

Yuseph's Results


Sadicki is working towards his degree in Agriculture, Natural Resources Economics and Business in Dar. The course involves a series of field studies and Sadicki reports here on his first experiences:

As we are taking lectures in agriculture we conduct a practical every three weeks, so went to Nkasi District in Rukwa Region to see a maize plantation for a practical about mechanization in agriculture. It was a nice journey and it gave me a good opportunity to see large maize plantations and we did crop valuation which was really interesting. Our second trip will be Morogoro. We are going to visit Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA). Much is happening here at the university because itís the national university, so government leaders regularly visit us, and we get inspired by this.


Marco has now completed his degree and is applying for work experience in Arusha. He wrote to the BTP in December to thank all donors for their support over the years:

On 30th November it was my graduation. The graduation was great. I would like to say many thanks for your great support, and I would like to thank everyone who helped me in one way or another to reach this stage. With this message I have included my graduation pictures to share with you, my sponsors, to show my appreciation for what you have done to support me.

Marco at his graduation

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the BTP. Every donation goes straight to helping the sponsored students with no funds spent on administration, salaries or other expenses. Marcoís story shows how direct the impact is on hard-working young lives. The BTP aim has always been to help young people to help themselves gain a position where they are self-sufficient, and many are looking forward to giving back to others to repay what has been done for them. 2018 will be another busy year of study, fundraising and sponsorship. All funds are very gratefully received.

Ed Beavington

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