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Biannual Newsletter - Jan 2019

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The start of the calendar year provides an opportunity to report on the end of the 2018 academic year and provide updates on the sponsored students’ progress. All students are entering the final phase of their BTP sponsorship.


After a year of hard study, combining teaching experience with evening study and assignments, Ngusa has impressed his course tutor and successfully completed his Teaching Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching. Ngusa’s unit results were a string of A and B+ grades highlighting the time and effort that he has put into his studies and his determination to succeed in his chosen field. He will continue to work at his current post in Mwanza but can now use his qualification to launch his career in education. This is a wonderful achievement for an outstanding young man who has been supported by the BTP since his own early years at primary school.


Yusuf has now started his final year of his degree in Education & History at Tumaini University in Dar. His end of second year results were a series of B and B+ grades, including a B grade for the History of Tanzania and a B+ for the History of East Africa. He is now looking to the future and hopes to become a secondary school teacher of History and English. However, he also aspires to “pass on” the work of the BTP by setting up programmes to help disadvantaged children in rural areas of Tanzania, starting with rural Geita. He wants children from the rural villages to have the same education opportunities that he enjoyed, and he will soon be formally qualified to provide that help.


Sadicki is continuing to work hard at his Business studies. He performed strongly in his end of year exams, with A grades in accounting and entrepreneurship and B+ grades in macro-economics, development studies and agricultural economics. He continues into his second year with modules in micro-economics and agribusiness management.


Steven has now started his Wildlife Management course in Moshi. This course leads to jobs in wildlife conservation in Tanzania’s national parks and places on the training courses are hard to get. Steven sent this message to update the BTP on his progress:

It is my first time staying in Moshi. It is very cold here since our college is very close to Mount Kilimanjaro. I arrived at the college on 12th November. It took me two days to finish the admission process and get to know the college. The next week we started the morning runs (mchaka mchaka) and the physical training conducted in the college and in the forest (for about 3 weeks).
We have now finished first semester training. Now we are attending classes with a lot of lectures. Our course is divided into nine different modules. All lectures are being done using computer technology and we have a learning management system whereby all lecture notes, assignments, work and research are being done and submitted online.
The school timetable starts early with a morning run around 6am. At 8am the lectures start. Then breakfast, lectures, lunch and more lectures until 6:15pm. From then it is a personal time and discussion groups. We are learning a lot of things concerning conservation in wildlife. Lastly, I would like to take this chance to say thank you. Until I have reached this point, I am working hard here. The topics are new to me, but I promise to get good grades. Thank you again.

Thank you

The achievements outlined above are partly the result of the young people’s hard work and their determination to make the most of their opportunities. However, they are also the result of donations from BTP supporters who have created these opportunities. Thank you.

Ed Beavington

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