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Quarterly Newsletter - July 2017

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Form VI Exams

The Form VI exams, which mark the end of secondary education, were sat in May and the results have now been published. Lake Secondary School finished 8/25 in the region and 247/449 in Tanzania. The three BTP students performed extremely well.


Ngusa achieved thirteen points and a Division Three result with grades in History, Geography and Kiswahili, and an additional grade in General Studies. His performance in his mock exams in April highlighted how hard he had been working. He can be very proud of his grades.


Julius started his BTP sponsorship as Head Boy at his primary school. He has worked consistently hard throughout the intervening years, and his results are testament to this. Julius earned thirteen points and a Division Three result with grades in History, Geography and English, and a grade for General Studies.


Sadicki confidently claimed some years ago that he would earn a Division One result in his Form VI exams and he has been determined to achieve this ever since. His dream has been realised with an exceptional 8 points and Division One result in his Form VI results. His grades were in History, Geography and Economics and his results placed him in the top few out of 110 students at his school. Sadickiís grades make him eligible for a scholarship at Tanzaniaís best university in Dar es Salaam. He has already submitted his university application.

Lake Secondary Students

The group photograph on the right was taken a few years ago and shows the recent cohort of Lake Secondary students. From left to right, Mazera is now studying medicine at university, Julius now has his Form VI certificate, Yuseph is studying Education and History at university, Ngusa has earned his Form VI grades and Marco is studying Education and Accounting at university. At the front, Sadicki hopes to earn a university scholarship with his Division One grade.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the BTP. The regular donations quickly add up to support the children while the fundraising campaigns continue to make a massive contribution to young lives. Particular thanks go to William for running the Stirling Marathon in Scotland to raise funds. Thanks also go to pupils at St Albans School for their contribution and to pupils at Colstonís School for holding a non-uniform day to raise funds.

Ed Beavington




Lake Students

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